Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Snowball Effect ~ Part Three

As you may remember, when I moved my shelf from my bedroom to my office, I was left with a blank wall.  

Original shelf location.

No fear!  (I said to myself)  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I would put my fab green accent chair and a lamp there and then fill in the empty wall with a collage of pictures.

I started shopping for frames.  You might be surprised at how many frames are out there in thrift stores.  It took a bit of driving around and sorting through, but I found a nice collection.  I also had a few of my own.   Then I took them outside and spray painted them all white.  When you put up a group of frames that are varying shapes and sizes, it's wise to keep them all one colour.  I planned what I wanted in each one. It's nice to have a variety I think.  I chose some photographs that were special to me.  

Also a sweet poem that my oldest wrote for Mother's Day.

 I framed an old bill from my dad's commercial fishing business.  (He has been retired for years)

And I bought a cheap blackboard and framed it to use as a spot to write myself inspiring notes.  
(Radical by David Platt is a book that I am currently reading.)

And then, a hitch.  I fell into some free furniture.  Really nice and useful stuff that I could not refuse.  I suddenly had a great wardrobe that needed a home in my bedroom.  I tried it on the blank wall but it didn't work there.

So I moved my vanity from the wall it was on and put the wardrobe there.  The green accent chair looked nice with it so I added it.

Which left me with the vanity.  There was nowhere else for it but my empty wall.  I was really set on the collage though.


I was feeling pretty happy with things.  But green accent chair kept whispering to me as I passed by, "I'm lonely!"  So, I decided to give him some company.  I have had a full length standing mirror since I was a teen.  I've thought of painting it about a million times.  Here it is in the back corner of the closet area in our room.  Of course I did not remember the before picture until I'd taken it apart so I just propped it there.  Sorry.

I had wanted to try spray primer so decided this was a good project for it.  I took the pieces of the mirror outside and primed.  

It worked great!  And before you knew it ~ presto ~ a friend for green chair.

In case you are wondering what is going on with the wall behind the mirror...that is where I store my scarves.  It is one of those Ikea wire hanger thingys with the little clips.  I tied a piece of ribbon and hung it from each clip, then strung my scarves through each one.

And that is the end of my snowball adventure.  There were a few residual effects...but we'll discuss those at a later date.



  1. David does not approve of the oak mirror frame painted green. It was beautiful before now it's green. He wants to know what tool you are bringing to the work party?