Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Switch

Once in awhile you just need a change.  Erin and Chris had this great new piece of furniture that needed a spot to live...but they (well, maybe more Erin) also wanted a new look.  So, after a lot of discussion, pondering, sitting, and measuring...we decided to switch her living room and dining room.  As changes go, furniture rearrangement is free, fairly painless, and the worst that happens is you have to move it back.  Which means at least you get a great work out.

Here is the view walking into the living room before:

On your right 

On your left 

T.V.  location

Living room overview

And here is the dining room.  See that funky wood cabinet on the right wondering where he should live?


Here is the view walking in now:

(Please note:  I apparently stink at before pics and totally missed the before of the black shelves...they were stacked before in the new t.v. location)

On your right

On your left

Old t.v. location

New dining room overview

And here is the new living room.  Now that it is adjacent to the kitchen, Erin can hostess and still be part of the conversation.

New living room in old dining room location

And the new cabinet?  

Funky cabinet's new home
(Yes, those wires got taken care of!)

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  1. It looks great! And I love your little helpers in the pics. :)