Thursday, November 25, 2010

Homeschool Challenge

Homeschooling is a daunting many changes to a mom's life are involved, but what I immediately think about is the physical change within a homeschooler's space.  How will you have a classroom in your home without LOOKING like you have a classroom in your home? Exactly the sort of challenge that I love!

Arlene decided to make her dining room her classroom when she planned to homeschool this past Fall.  Here is what it looked like while it was still a normal dining room.

She bought 4 shelves from Ikea and sent me some pictures.  I gave a suggestion for how to hang them, and then once her handy hubby had them up, I went over.  She got out all her stuff and we started sorting.  Her daughter is in Kindergarten this year, so Arlene is just starting her journey.  We wanted to make sure that she had lots of room to grow.  We used those fabby Martha Stewart baskets that I love so much to hide the not so cute items that she needed in her new classroom. Other items we just put on shelves on their own.  Still other things needed to be edited out...some to another space, some to the garbage.  For the upper shelves, we placed decorative items with the knowledge that as Arlene needs more space, she can always switch them out with school supplies.  Finally, there was the question of books and manipulatives.  In a traditional classroom, these take up a lot of space!  So we got matching baskets to line up all the way across the floor. Some were empty but we knew that they would gradually fill up as time passed and supplies got added.

The result?

A classroom disguised as a dining room!

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