Friday, November 5, 2010

Art Closet

It only seems fitting that the launch of my new blog should feature a project done at my friend Ellen's house, since she is my super talented blog and business card designer.  As you can see, her children's art closet had developed a few piles.

So, we pulled everything out, sorted it into categories and then gave every single item a new home.  Ellen wanted to use what she had so all the boxes, containers  and the standing drawer unit you see were items that were either in the closet already, or in another room, not being used.  Every container and drawer got a label, so that the kids would have no excuses about putting stuff away.  The kids like to display their masterpieces so we put up a clothes line for them…even the cutie little clothes pins were items just laying around looking for a job to do.

Latest report is that this space is now being maintained easily by the kids.


  1. The space looks fantastic!

  2. Nice work Shan, and I'm very excited for you on the new business and blog :)