Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Closets Closets Closets

With new carpet and freshly painted walls, my friend Dianne was ready to tackle putting her belongings back into her closets.  Between her master bedroom, spare room and computer room, she had 3 spaces that she was using for clothing, office supplies, odds and ends, and some pantry items.  After studying her pictures, we made the decision to purchase a storage unit for the computer room closet, as well as some super cutie Martha Stewart boxes to use as needed.

Can I just take a moment here to say that the MS fabric boxes with the two tone trim and little label spot are so handy and great looking!?  Love them!!  I even convinced my husband to buy some.

Anyway, my goal for Dianne was to help her to get all of her and her husbands clothing into one closet. She had previously been storing her stuff in the spare room.  We sorted her items into winter and summer, packed the summer away, and then loaded the winter into her master closet. Some things that had been hanging we folded and stacked up top which helped open up more space on the rod so that everything fit easily.  We gave her purses a home on top of the shoe racks.  She even has space for more shoes - yay!


In the computer room we sorted items into boxes and ended up with several empty shelves.  The spare room closet was able to be completely cleared except for the vacuum.  Imagine, two nearly empty closets!!  Now that all of Dianne's belongings have homes, she'll be able to maintain her new spaces easily.

Computer Room Closet
The first three closets went so quickly and were such fun, we thought we'd tackle her entrance closet as well.  


I think the results speak for themselves.  And the best news?  Dianne was so inspired that the next day she took on her computer desk and whipped it into shape all on her own.  


  1. I like what you did to the space.

    It looks much better.

    My grandma's house looks fab.

  2. What a difference - way to go Pretty Organized!