Monday, October 17, 2016

Back To Reality - Eli's Room

Well, we've been home from our summer adventure for nearly two months, 
and everyone's been quite happy to get back into the swing of things. 
Except, me. 
I have found the return to reality to be quite difficult. 
Like, they expect me to cook again here people. 
What has been hardest is mourning the loss of time together with no distraction. Everyone says wow, that was a once in a life time trip...which is true. It's very unlikely I'll ever have 8 weeks of uninterrupted time with my family again. Which is lovely during the planning and executions stages, but frankly a bit depressing when the "once in a lifetime" trip is over.  Cause I've got quite a bit of lifetime left, you know?

So, obviously to get over my sadness I went to work on Eli's room. 
He had been hoarding all kinds of junk by keeping it well hidden for quite some time. 
And then it overflowed. 

Look what was under his dresser.

Yup.  Time for a clean out, purge and sort.  
He was not really on board at first but once he got into it he enjoyed having everything organized and having less to worry about tidying.  
The trick of organization is that it makes cleaning that much quicker.  

So we moved things around a bit and got rid of the lego table.

I gave him a bigger shelf for his books.

And a smaller dresser for his clothes.  Cause what we learned carrying around a backpack for 8 weeks is you really don't need many clothes!

I used these drawers on wheels that Cate no longer needs due to her loft bed to give
 Eli some easily accessible storage.

I took away his desk with four drawers because every one of those four drawers was FULL of junk.  Sometimes having the space to hoard, just allows you to hoard.

Now he has a table, no drawers and two boxes to keep paper and writing stuff.

 His closet is much better after purging many toys he wasn't using and if the remaining bins get a bit out of hand, we can just close the curtain.  

It feels so great to get a space that was in chaos back under control!!

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