Monday, August 22, 2016

Ireland, the Grand Finale - Week 8

We could not have ended our dream vacation in a more lovely place.  
Ireland is just...I can't even think of one good word.  It's stunningly beautiful and serene and peaceful and shockingly green and friendly and quaint and fun.  Everything I ever imagined it to be.
This crossing sign sums it up...adorable!

We began our 10 days in the north.  This was our view.

The apartment was spacious and beautiful, right across from the beach.
(And it had Orla Kiely wall paper!)

We visited the Giant's Causeway,

and had some beach days.

We hiked, 

and hung out,

and ate,

and enjoyed a trip to Dublin.

Then we drove across the country to stay in the west for 5 days.  The drive was so beautiful but not without some nail biting (insanely narrow roads) and nausea (super windy roads).  

The miles and miles of rock walls criss crossing the country were worth it though.

Our house is right on the sea and has been cozy and comfortable for our last sleeps here.

Oh - and it is right beside an old castle!

And some cows!

We had some fun at an aviary and cavern.

And we've enjoyed driving around and checking out the farmer's markets and craft fairs.

Sadly we hit traditional Irish weather, so beach days here are not as cheery.

And it took us 3 tries to get to the Cliffs of Moher.
But it was so worth it!!

We had some fun eating in pubs,

and seeing some bits of my heritage (Shannon was my maternal grandmother's maiden name).

And now, our 8 weeks have come to an end.  We will fly out of Dublin tomorrow.  The saddest part of our return for me will be losing time with this amazing family.  They will head off to school and work and I will be back to my routine.  I will miss them so much.

We have been so truly blessed to have had this time together and to have seen and experienced such spectacular things! 


  1. Ireland. It has so much of my heart!! Loved seeing the photos. (I would also like to say that someone in the next building over from ours is singing scales. And not well.)

    1. I like how your label is "someone". Ireland was so amazing. My very fav.
      One day in Palermo I woke up to what I thought was a cd of an orchestra playing but it was some people next door practicing and then someone started singing opera! But they were all not quite the same...

  2. whoops - that was me, Sio in that last comment!

  3. hahahah! No. Not the same!!

    Sio :)