Monday, June 6, 2016

Sarah's Room

Well it's really not fair to blog Sarah's room ahead of her sister Maddie's, but since Sarah had to wait awhile...and since my photo issues goes.

Lucky me, I got to come in and arrange a basically empty slate.  The walls were freshly painted and Sarah had purged and sorted her things.

My first task was to figure this wardrobe out.  I really wanted to use it as a bit of a room divider.  Sometimes standing a piece of furniture in an unconventional way makes a room a bit more fun!


By sticking this unit out of the wall rather than flat against it, it gives Sarah a nice little private spot and also provides some extra wall space that's perfect for hanging her special mementos.

And on the other side it gives a hallway vibe to her entry which feels unique.

On the inside there's plenty of storage including things she needs close at hand to grab and run with...purses, scarves, cheer gear...all that fabulous 15 year old loot.

On the end of the wardrobe, I was able to use these adorable hooks for hanging Sarah's jewellery.  

And as an added bonus, I used the top of the wardrobe to store pretty stacks of books.

Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

Sarah's make up table got located by the window to take advantage of the natural light.


Her sewing drawer collection was hung to store sweet treasures.


Love these!!
(And love her dad for hanging everything!!)

Her desk nook got filled and organized all tidy.


 And there you have it.
A pretty room for a lovely girl!!

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