Monday, March 21, 2016

Storage Room

I dunno who is designing storage rooms in new homes, 
but they clearly have not ever had to store anything.
It seems like they are just trying to set the home owner up for frustration.

Darla's storage room is no different and was definitely causing her some grief.  It has two entrances and joins in the middle under the stairs so much of it you have to duck through.  
Not super convenient.

Over the years things had gotten out of hand down there but who wants to be crouching around trying to clean up a storage room?

Well, me.  And Darla.  It was hard work but she is a wonderful purger and so after a few hours we were able to remove any garbage or unused items and then find spots for everything else.




Hello floor!  
There is a great feeling that comes along with having a space organized, 
even if it's not one that you see every day or use all the time.

Holiday Decor
Extra kitchen items

She still has to duck, but now Darla knows exactly where to find 
what she needs and where it can be returned.