Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Curtains

In my living room I have 14 curtain panels.  
When we finished the reno I bought the cheapest thing I could find which were white sheers from Ikea...something like $15 for two can you go wrong?  
And I love them all summer but had dreams of having a warmer, more cozy look for fall and winter.

Well, I'm a bit late here I know, but things happen when they happen so excuse the season, but here are my new curtains.

 They bring a much more manly vibe to the room.
I am so, so thankful to my crazy talented friend Kristin for sewing them for me.  We had a tag team day of me ironing seams in and her sewing them up.  It took us about 3 hours to get them all done.

Here's a side by side comparison.

 A change of curtains is a quick and easy way to give your space a new look.  And, for most people, fairly inexpensive when you're not dealing with 14 panels!

Now we can have cozy winters,

and breezy summers.

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