Monday, April 20, 2015

Road Trip: Alabama

I guess I disappeared last week.  I didn't mean to.  
I had blog posts ready but I forgot all about posting!  
Oops.  Sorry about that.  Here's a quick update on our trip.

Number of amazing antique malls visited: 1 

Number of fabulous chairs scrunched into van by miracle worker husband: 1

Number of fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico: 0

Number of pool options: 2

Number of brave ocean swimmers: 3

Number of dead fish found on the beach: 1

Number of jelly fish washed up:  um, a lot

Number of alligators sighted:  about 7

Number of times the Grand Hotel shoots off a canon each day: 1 
(oh yes they do)

Number of fun kids I will miss when they go back to school this week: 4

Good-bye Alabama!
(lovely view from our room)


  1. Enjoyed your trip pictures and I am amazed by all the things you can fit into the back of your van! Welcome back to WINTERpeg :)

    1. Dino is a master at fitting a LOT in that van Rose! And yah...this weather was a shocker for us today!! Gah!

    2. Thanks for sharing--it is encouraging to see families flourishing!

  2. Awesome - looks fun! Nice close-ups of the alligators!! You are much speedier with your trip report than I am!

    1. Thanks L. I kinda love those alligators! We were with a group of naturalists who were so much more impressed by every bird and flower we went past.