Monday, March 23, 2015

There's a Rug in My Kitchen

 I forgot to show you my rug!
Back in January I told you I wanted to try having a rug on the kitchen floor but I ended up caring for my mom back home and then forgot to catch you up on my progress.

Here it is.

It's not the rug I would ultimately want on my kitchen floor, but I decided to go with a cheap option for awhile until I'm sure that I like the idea.

It's been nice to have a warm floor and it hides dirt really well.  So far no spills either.

I also took down my kids' school organizers because we weren't using them anymore.  The older kids have been taking their work to the den or their rooms so it was time to be done with the boxes.

I took our name plates off our wardrobes and tacked up some fresh bird prints for a fun new look.  I added the full length mirror so we can have a quick wardrobe check on our way out the door.

The rug at the back door is the same as the one in the kitchen.  
If I decide to take the kitchen one out then I can use it along side this one at the back door to cover more floor space in winter.

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