Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Bedding

All winter I have loved my new bedding.  
(I had to purchase it in the fall when my very old and 
completely beloved duvet cover disintegrated.)

These past few weeks though, as we have been experiencing some early and very unexpected warm spells, the red plaid has not been feeling very springy. 

I thought I would be oh so creative and add some different pillows
 and blankets to pull it from warm and cozy to bright and springy.

Ta Da!

Yah, well, it turns out for $35 I can have bright and springy without much creativity at all.
Now I'm all for using what you have and problem solving but honestly, the bright and cheerful look that this bedding has brought into the room was worth every one of those 35 dollars.
I love it.

Switch out the art and add some tulips and the look is complete.

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