Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love/Hate Month

January is full of mixed feelings for me.  
I love the sudden need to organize every space in my house; the exhilarating desire to create new looks and rearrange everything.

But I hate the feeling of overwhelmedness at where to start.  
(My computer says that is not a word.  Hmf.)

(Oh - PS - I also hate that it is -40 or colder every single solitary day.)

Maybe I am the only person out there who can't decide which project to tackle first, but just in case I'm not, here's my advice.  
Start with something super easy and totally doable.

Today I moved my coffee maker.  Sounds like a really easy project right?  And guess what...it was!  But it will make a big difference in how my kitchen runs.

As you can see in the before shot, the Keurig was right in the kitchen doorway, so any guest trying to make their own cup would completely block the door.  Same obviously if I was making a few cups at a time and guests were trying to come and go.


So now there are some harmless plates in that spot.


And the Keurig?  
Across the room where there is lots of space.


I left lots of counter space so I can just pop cream, sugar and spoons out when friends come by.
No need to rearrange or move anything.

The feeling of accomplishment goes a long, long way in fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed.
So, start small.


  1. I should probably come over and test out the new efficient system. :) Love all your ideas! I could use an inspiring visit from you sometime, maybe you should come over and see if MY coffee maker is in the right spot!

  2. Replies
    1. Obviously you'd have to try the coffee maker out on me before I could know if it's in the right spot...

  3. Looks good, better in fact :) I want to tackle my pantry (again) but am DREADING it... such a big job. What I learned from your post... forget the big crappy jobs and only do the small easy jobs! Yes, that sounds much better than my resolutions!

    1. YES! For now. :) We're workin' up to the crap!