Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Closet Organizing Tip #6

Did last week's tips inspire you to organize your closet over the weekend?

Well, I got to work on mine and realized I forgot to tell you something.

Let's have a look at my before and after.



 Now maybe you're thinking they look pretty similar.  And they do.  But there is one big difference that is a game changer for maintaining a tidy space.

The secret?


So often we think we need to fill every last bit of space in order for it to be used efficiently.  But organized spaces stay organized much more easily when they have some breathing room.  It's okay to leave space on shelves.  It's okay if you could actually fit a few more items onto the rack.  Don't you hate it when you try to hang your clothes and you have to hold everything back to stuff the clean laundry in?

These few inches left at the top of each shelf make all the difference 
when you're putting your clothes away.


 It only took a small amount of purging to open up my closet enough to have some breathing room.

Purge Pile
We'll talk more about this concept in future projects but for now, happy organizing!

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