Friday, April 26, 2013

More About Collections

 Sometimes collections just fall into our laps.  
I think I've put up photos of my front entrance before.

It actually looks like this now.

Marin felt the star needed to be by her.
(When my belongings have personality it is a sign that I am in decorating withdrawal.)

Anyway, when we lifted our house and rebuilt the basement we found some fun, really old coins.  I have them displayed in our entrance.

Along with this beautiful quote which my husband and I both adore.

And this popular saying which I just think is so true.

Recently when my husband renovated our den, he found 2 more coins.  A penny from 1947, and one from 1926.  To add them to our collection, here is what I needed.

See why it is handy to pick up little empty frames when you are out thrifting?

Don't feel like your wall arrangements can't grow.  It's fun to add to them as your collections increase or as you find new sayings or items that are important to you.

I wonder what we'll find next?

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