Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Ikea

Ikea opened in Winnipeg today.

Welcome Friend!

Opening day was pretty fun!  
The crowds were not crazy.  
The meatballs were fab.  
The company was delightful!

What I bought:

1.  Christmas napkins
2.  Cute ribbon
3.  Christmas gift tags
4.  Tape refills with dispensers for kids' stockings
5.  Most amazing tray ever
This is the least I've ever purchased on an Ikea trip.  I am quite proud.

What I want very, very much:

Crazy fantastic cart

Very lovely fern

I look forward to many more meetings Ikea!!


  1. Ok I have to ask how did u add numbers to picture one? How fun is that.
    I'm so shocked it wasn't crazy

  2. I used Picasa. It is VERY fun. You can do all sorts of amazing stuff like give the family all moustaches and Christmas hats. :)