Monday, November 12, 2012

Our New Den

In my last post you saw how the den has been sitting for a year and a half.  
In the past few weeks Dino has been busy.

First he filled in some big holes.

And some more.

And a few more.

He painted and did baseboards and we had the floor refinished.

And finally this past weekend the room was ready for me to load!
I was VERY excited.  Filling an empty space is one of my favourite things.

 It can be daunting though, to start with a clean slate.  
So take it one step at a time.

First, figure out furniture placement.

Remember to place lamps in a convenient location for both light and outlet availability.

Put curtains up.

Next start loading shelves.  I start with books and plants so that I can get them balanced well.

Then I gathered all the decorative items I'd been saving for the room and brought them in.

Shelves can be tricky.  You have to be willing to move stuff, and move it again.  Balance books with decorative items and picture frames.

The table got a dark stain.

The bench got some white paint.

The new purpose for the den is to give the kids a dedicated place to study.  
I used an old window as a white board so that we can list their homework each day.  
I made sure they had the supplies they need right at their finger tips.  
And I added our family motto in there for fun ~ "BE" ~ as in, be here, in this moment, satisfied, content, not wanting more or wishing for different.

These old chairs were given to me so I updated them with some white paint and new fabric.
(My lovely sister Leanne sewed the cushion covers.)

My final step was to add some pictures and wall words.
I stuck a vinyl chalkboard on the piano.

My fantastic hubby bought me this cowhide at the Texas State Fair.  
I love him.  He is a long horn.  The rug...not Dino.  I love him too! 

And here they are, trying it out for the first day.  

And that, was my weekend!!


  1. I'm an arDENt fan of this space! Love it!

  2. It looks AMAZING! The friend is really cute, too! I can see why the emails slowed down this weekend...that was a very productive weekend! xoD

  3. Nice... it looks great, as always!!