Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Organizing Jobs Lasting Longer Than Thirty Minutes

I would have loved to have organized my pantry during April's 30 minute projects, but, I figured it would take 30 x ummmm, a lot of minutes.

Disaster.  I know.  
But Dino finished a second storage room in our basement so the plan was to move rarely used items down there, and then organize the pantry in our dining room to be a lot more user friendly.

So I bought some Dollarama bins.

Then I took everything that we still want, but don't often use, downstairs.

Then I started sorting.  

I had been keeping serving trays stacked in the bottom of my china cabinet.  It was not efficient at all so I really wanted to get them out of there and store them in the dining room pantry as well.


I used an old office file holder and a bread cutting board to stand them on my shelf.

It was fun to put stuff in much more easily accessible than stuff had been.  

How do you like my Sleeping With the Enemy-esque can shelf? 

Still lots of room in the basement pantry.

And completely enjoying the dining room pantry now.

Well worth the time it took!


I have decided to designate May as DIY month.  
I will post a new project for each Sunday in the month.
Get your spray paint ready!


  1. Well done, Shannon. How great are those pastic/rubber containers.

  2. Dianne! You got on!! So glad to have you here. :)

  3. Wow, amazing as usual. I heart bins.

  4. It looks very organized and lovely with all those bins. I bet Dollarama had to do an emergency re-stocking after you left.
    I'm concerned about where the liquor supply went. If that's something you purged and needs a new home, you know where I live.

  5. I had to make the Dollarama girl get me bins down out of boxes on top of the shelves. Kee hee...there will be a "bar" post sometime in the future...

  6. OK I liked the old pantry better, it had good stuff on the second shelf that the new pantry seems to be missing!