Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Outdoor Space

As you may remember, over the winter we got a new porch.  
Once the snow disappeared I wanted to start using it.

Step One - Find Furniture
I started looking for some furniture.  There is a huge variety of outdoor stuff and much of it is really gorgeous.  But, also really expensive.  And depending on your space, you really need to find something that is the appropriate scale.  I kept seeing these super cute little wicker sets but they were all so for an apartment balcony perhaps.  Finally I found a good sized wooden couch on Kijiji.  

This is the couch with the original cushion fabric.  It was also a different colour when I bought it but I painted it with some old paint I had in storage.  If you can use what you already have it cuts down on cost.

Step Two - Make it Your Own
Recovering the cushions was not as hard as it may sound.  I am not a sewer...I can manage a straight line but that's about it.  So believe me, if I did it, you can too.

First cut your fabric so that it will go around the cushion.

Outdoor fabric.

Next, sew the side and one end so you end up with a big pillow case.  Turn it right side out and put the cushion in.

Sew up the end with a fancy disappearing stitch.  I dunno what you really call it and I am sure that sewers with real talent have got tutorials on the internet that you can check out if you aren't familiar with it.

I covered 3 toss cushions that I wasn't using anywhere with the same method, also with outdoor fabric.

The finished product.

Step Three - Accessorize
I shopped around and to find some faux Adirondacks at a great price that would match up with my couch.  The outdoor carpet is from Walmart and was an amazing price also.

I found this cutie for free on give away weekend.

My son dragged this home from our back lane.  I sprayed it black.

Everything else I accessorized with I shopped the house for.  I had a little turquoise cafe set already so I had it in mind when I was choosing colours for the rest of the porch.

Now.  Let's stop a moment.  We are in reno right now so our house still looks...well, bad.  We have no siding yet, we have no yard yet, we have no sidewalk yet.  And the porch is not railing built, etc., etc. but if you wait until everything is perfect before you use your space...well, it just seems to me like a waste.  So, nope, it is not perfect up there on the porch.

Step Four - Swallow Your Pride
But there is no reason why you can't make an imperfect space useable...and even pretty.

Total cost?  $169

couch - $40
fabric - $55
paint - free
carpet - $40
Adirondack chairs - $17 each
cart and plant stand - free
All other items were previously owned.

So shop around for deals.  Use what you already have.  Watch for freebies. 


  1. The porch looks so welcoming and inviting! Can't wait to come for a sit.


  2. Now there's a boy who knows his Mom!!! Way to go :) Porch looks great!

  3. Looks great. I was looking at the same chairs are they comfortable?