Sunday, March 18, 2012


 I have such wonderful memories of my home growing up.  My mom is a fantastic seasonal decorator.  In the Fall she might find a remnant of fabric on sale and recover the toss cushions on the couch.  I remember a crocheted heart banner at Valentine's.  Living room rug down for winter, up for summer.  Springtime meant pussy willows and marsh marigolds placed around the house.

I love seasonal decor.  With all my stuff in storage, I've had to scale it down quite a bit but here are 3 quick, easy, cheap ideas.

Switch out blankets to move from cozy to airy.  I turned the pillow on my bed over to take it from the warm plaid look to Springy floral.

This subway art was a gift from my friend Colleen.  It is fun to change it up for every holiday.  The little jujubes are faux, but it would be just as easy to sprinkle real ones around.  I switch up the colours to match the holiday.

We all know how much flowers brighten a room.  It is easy to forget though and miss out on the daffodil and tulip season.  These guys were only $1.99 and are lasting beautifully.


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  1. Hey! I actually do some of this stuff! We must have had the same decorator teacher. :) I understand you will be home the weekend I am moving, so you will be able to see my new house. :) and I can show you all my cool colours!!!!!