Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week One - Palermo

This morning I woke to what I thought were music lessons...but turned out to be several hours worth of practice amongst some stringed instruments and an opera singer. 
Our own private concert right next door.  
Palermo is pretty cool.

It's hard to believe we're nearly done our first leg of this 8 week adventure.  
It seems like we just left and like we've been gone forever. 

 There are plenty of things I've spent my time pondering while we've been here.  How, for example, does anyone ever get enough sleep when they are up all night talking on the street?  How are there not deaths every 10 seconds when cars and motorcycles are flying down the streets willly nilly?  Why, in a country of 30 degree weather are there not more personal bubble issues? And if they are staying up all night talking, why aren't the cups of coffee bigger??  What do they have against toilet seats? And couldn't they get the same message across using an inside voice? 
Maybe not.

We have loved seeing all the unique produce and fish and meat in the markets and watching the  people on the beaches.  Public transport has been a new thing for the kids and something to get used to but they've been troopers.  I see my massive washer and amazing dryer in a whole new light.

Being a house kinda gal, the architecture and glimpse into how other people live has been completely fascinating to me.

Our hike up the mountain was an amazing experience...although terrifying.

It's a pretty great group I get to experience all this with!

Good-bye Sicily!! 

Next stop, Rome.

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