Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back to School: Part 2 on Chores

The other day I had 2 big points I wanted to make about kids doing chores 
and sure enough, forgot em both.

Often us moms tend to end up doing jobs ourselves rather than getting help from the kids.  This can happen for two reasons...either the kids don't do the chore to a standard we're happy with, or it just ends up easier to do it ourselves.

What to do?

1.  Lower your standards where you can.  Sometimes we hang on to the ways we did stuff pre kid and often that is just not realistic.  So let it go.  There are lots of hidden spots where you can let kids cut corners - like tossing jammies unfolded into the drawer.

2.  Make things easier.  Have you ever asked a kid to do a job but then you had to help so much that you realized it would have been faster to do it yourself?  This was happening to me with table setting.  The plates and cups were up high so I had to get them out for the kids and it felt as though I might as well have set the table myself.  So I changed up their location for easy access.  If a small shuffle can give a kid independence in a chore, do it!

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