Monday, January 26, 2015

My Dad

 Hello Friends,
I was meant to be showing you my kitchen last week but our lives got turned upside down when my dad was taken to emergency quite ill, with extremely low hemoglobin.  The doctors searched for where he might be bleeding out and did an emergency surgery to remove a tumour from his colon.  He is stable now but we are not sure yet of his prognosis...the extent of his cancer or what his future will look like.  My siblings and I are now caring full time for my mom who has dementia. 

So many unknowns.  So many decisions to be made. 
We're so thankful that we have a God whose plan is perfect and we're extremely grateful for friends and family who are so supportive.   

80 years old in May 2014
So while caring for my mom in Kenora, 
I did what any sensible person does when they're stressed out.

I organized.


I will have lots of back and forth to Kenora now so my blogging life may not be regular.  I will try hard to get my February THINGS I DO NOT LOVE put together though. 
Please pray for my dad and my mom and for our family as we negotiate this new normal.