Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY Scarf Inspiration

Besides the marshmallows strung about my house, Anthropologie also inspired a little DIY.

I saw this scarf there.
It was $68.

But I love it!  
Mixing fabric seems to be the newest thing in infinity scarves.
So pretty.

However, not having $68 handy, I thought I'd try to make one.
A friend and I shared the cost of a plaid scarf at Target and split it in half.  Then I got some half price wool from Michael's and knitted up a section, sewed both pieces together, and ta da.

Dual texture infinity for less than $15.

If you (like my kids) were expecting Buddy to appear today, please know that he was held up at the North Pole and will not be appearing until next week.
 He sent his apologies along with a little treat.


  1. I like yours more than the Anthro ones :)

  2. That scarf (that you made) is amazing!!!!

    Hope Buddy makes a safe arrival when he is untied up!

  3. That was me above.