Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of October: Introducing One Hit Wonderful

Welcome to One Hit Wonderful!

Here it is.  
You're all busy.  
There are thousands of other blogs linked to 
31 Days through The Nester this month that you might like to read.
So I'm making it my job to give you something really practical, really fast.

That's what you're gonna find here for the month of October.
One wonderful photo per day.  
One wonderful idea each day of October, many of which you will be able to use in your own home to make your life a little more pretty and a bit more organized.
One Hit Wonderful.

If you are visiting for the first time, please scroll down to find Day 1.
Otherwise, find the current post below.

Day 1
Squeezy curtain rods (tension rods)
are being used to keep cutting boards, cookie sheets and platters
 nicely divided and standing straight.

Good Housekeeping June 2013

 And as an added bonus for visiting my 31 Day posts on Day 1, an extra tip as noted above:
"I also use a tension rod to maximize the cabinet space beneath my kitchen sink.  Just hang the rod horizontally several inches below the sink (in front of the plumbing), then suspend bottles of household cleanser from it by their spray nozzles.  It works in the bathroom too!"



  1. Just linked through your gorgeous button! So excited about the series. xoD

    1. Ellen did a fabulous job on the button! I mean...wonderful job! ;) Thanks for linking.