Monday, July 28, 2014

Storewatch ~ Real Deals On Home Decor - Winnipeg

What a treat to visit a store that has beautiful products, great prices and fabulous customer service!
Real Deals On Home Decor is a new store in Winnipeg that is a must for your summer bucket list.  
Have a peek!

I knew I'd found a great place to shop when the first thing I spotted 
was affordable, realistic looking artificial plants,  

 and...a whole lot of turquoise!

There were lots of fun and unique items for your home,




and a whole cowboy room!
I love it.

Check out these great pieces of furniture.

But the best part?
The owner, Jill, was sweet, friendly and super helpful.  It doesn't matter how fabulous the product is (and it was pretty fabulous), customer service is number one.  
And she was lovely.
On my first visit I saw a little item I wanted but I needed to measure my space.  When I returned to purchase it the next day, I arrived an hour past closing.  Oops.  But guess what?  When I pressed my little face up to the window, Jill waved and opened the door and let me come in and buy it!
Who does that?

So go check it out at 3525 Pembina Highway.
Thursday ~ 10 - 6
Friday ~ 10 - 6
Saturday ~ 10 - 3

And did I mention they will be selling chalk paint soon?!?

I'll show ya my purchase and the ensuing project that came along with it in a few days.

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