Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Stay Organized Amidst Chaos

Chaos comes can look very different depending on your circumstance.  

Maybe it's having a bbq, dining room table and rolled up rug to straddle in your kitchen while you try to cook.

Or a china cabinet and extra doors in your mudroom.

Or, maybe it's the crazy that comes during the first week of school.  Regardless of what your chaos looks like, there are ways to stay organized through it all.

Plan ahead.
Sometimes chaos strikes unannounced, but often we can see it coming.  When I knew that our floors were going to get redone and furniture was going to be stacked in my kitchen, I made sure to scope out the needs for the month and I took care of as much as I could ahead of time.  I shopped for gifts that needed to be bought.  I wrapped them.  I got all the school supplies purchased and stowed in backpacks so we wouldn't have to worry about that on top of scaling furniture.  
Do what you can ahead of time.

Maintain some sense of order and routine where you can.
Just because my den looks like this,

and the rest of the main floor is empty,

does not mean that we can't keep the rest of the house normal.  We still make our beds.  We still do our laundry.  I require the children to help with chores and clean up their toys just like always.  Keeping some sane areas in the house when other parts are nutty helps to keep us feeling normal.

Don't waste your time.

Even though there has been a layer of dust EVERYWHERE in my home since we had our floors done, we have to have them redone due to some problems the first time.  It's gross in here, but taking the time to clean would have been crazy knowing that I'd just have to do it all over again once the flooring guy returns.  

Let it go.

Sometimes we get so tied to having everything just so.  The whole definition of chaos is that some stuff is gonna be outta place!  (Not that we don't always have a bbq in the dining room)  It's okay.  It's not forever.  Just relax and let it go.

When things at home are crazy sometimes we get crazy too.  The other day during a stressful morning I had to tell my son, "I'm gonna start crying in about 30 seconds.  It's not your fault, I'm just frustrated and I'm sorry."  Nobody's perfect.  If you lose it, say you're sorry.

So thankful they always forgive me!


  1. Can't wait to come and help you clean the dust...when it won't be a waste of time! And...yay for a mom who can model the art of apologizing! xoD

  2. Jake reminds me of "Noah" from The Notebook" in this picture!