Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Ways to Refresh a Room

I had the great pleasure recently of working with Nancy, a client who asked me to refresh a few of her already lovely rooms.  

There are a few easy ways to add life to a space:
Plants - whether you choose real or some attractive artificial, every room should have some green!
Trays - use to add colour, corral items or add focus.
Pillows and blankets - help make a room more cozy and lived in.
Rearrange - sometimes the smallest change in the angle of a couch or chair makes all the difference.

Let's have a look!


After - added a tray and plant.


After with pillows and a throw and a decorative box to store the remotes.


After with a new plant on the plant stand and a tray to highlight the tea set.


After - chairs repositioned and tables removed.


After - a slight change to the couch's position and a tray added .

A plant, runner and flowers leave the dining room looking polished.

Plants, trays, pillows, blankets and rearranging.  None of these ideas are new, but sometimes that's all it takes to refresh a space.  

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  1. I love all the tweaks and extra little touches! The spaces look super.