Sunday, November 20, 2011


While the little girls played, 

the big girls did some P~O.  You know...pretty organizing?!?  What else can you do on your first trip to see your friend's new house???

Erin has a great new home out in the country.  She wanted her record player to have a different spot, so, we moved it and hung some great art by her sister.

We worked on the mantel...more great art by Jenny.  But then we were stumped.  We tried to balance it with vases, bowls but nothing worked.  So we headed outside in the first snow and cut some branches.  Never overlook sweet nature as a place to find (free) decor.

The book shelf got sorted and arranged.  We took some items out that could find new homes and kept things looking clean and pretty.

Then I had my fun with the National Geographics.  HOW many people have such a fab collection of these I ask you?  Well, Erin's husband does and they are amazing and very handy and totally hip.  So this is how I left them.  

Erin ended up having to move them out of her daughter's reach, but that is the fun of decorating...nothing is permanent!  You can move and rearrange and see how you like things and move 'em back if you don't.  

So, take a little risk this week.  Move or arrange something you've been thinking about but have not been brave enough to try.  Change the furniture, hang that picture you've been contemplating...the other day my friend and I removed her kitchen cupboard doors...the sky's the limit.
And you can always put it back!

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