Monday, February 21, 2011

The Laundry Room

After just returning from a 19 day road trip with my family of 6, I feel inspired to talk about laundry! I can't say it's my favourite job - but love it or hate it - having an organized and pretty laundry room to work in can make the job more pleasant.

Darla's laundry room needed some help.  With a busy family of 5, it's easy to have a few piles waiting to be washed.  Unfortunately, her laundry room is the room you walk into from her attached garage, so along with laundry, the room has a few other needs and it is clearly visible when guests pop by.

We started with some homework.  I chose a paint colour that Darla had left over from her office and had her paint the room.  I also had her order some cute laundry room art.  We went shopping and purchased a new unit to store hats and mitts, a drying rack, and a broom hanger.  Then I came over and we purged everything that didn't need to be stored there.  The rest we sorted and stored on the shelf.  I really wanted her to have space to tuck her laundry basket away so we tried to keep the amount of items up there to a minimum.  
We had the drying rack hung on the wall to the right - it is accordian style so when it's not in use it folds away nicely.  The broom hanger is behind the door so now mops and brooms can stay out of sight.  We hung up the art and...

Ta Da!

On the other side of the room there had been some wall storage for hats and mitts. 

With this unit removed, we added our new storage which stands on the floor.  The mirror came from another room of the house where it was no longer needed.

Now don't ya just want to get in there and get washin'?

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  1. Thanks yet again for using your amazing talents to transform part of my house that I hated...into areas that I love to hang out in now. :) xoDarla